Perhaps if mother
Hadn’t tried to suckle my breasts
I’d have enough for you
To lay your weary heads on
I’d maybe hold you tight.
Against me,
So, the softness of my chests
Can soothe your hardness
But I can only apologize for
The wrongs I did.
Forgive mother?
She didn’t suckle her mother’s
And of what use is a daughter that isn’t a mother to her mother?

Perhaps if I had grown up
In between mother’s laps as
She fought with my stubborn hair
And turned my head into a gear
I’d have held your head too
Tucked you in between my warmness
And loved you too
But all I remember is asking
Mama, what style should I plait for you today?

Perhaps if my back, hadn’t known the sun so much
With my chest damn near touching the ground
In my quest to find stumps and sometimes logs and sometimes seeds for daily meal
If my body, child, isn’t this sickle shaped thing
I would have picked you up
And rocked you while you cried for milk?
Or was it bread?

Perhaps I should sing you a lullaby
But I’m sorry my coarse voice
Matches the screams in your nightmares
Forgive me again child.
The sounds I slept to
Was of mother’s tears and curses and screams
And of father’s pants and the swish of
Leather belt in mid air and the plat of it kissing skin.
Beautiful music, don’t you agree?

I would have loved you
I would have, I swear.
Perhaps if there was a heart beating
In this chest.
Perhaps if I had had silence for lullabies
Perhaps if my head had been twisted right or left, just so the patewo style can be plaited
Perhaps If I had suckled mother’s breast.
But let’s forgive mother.
Because she is Gold.


About goldenwura

I think along lines and sometimes stanzas There's a dance in my steps and my voice is laughter. Aspiring investigative journalist and lazy reader.
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33 Responses to Iyaniwura.

  1. Oluwatosin Adeshokan says:

    You are deep.

    Now criticism. You seem like you’re hanging around in the safe zone. You can go deeper.


  2. calebmaiye says:

    I love the imagery.

    I love the sadness.

    Its beautiful.

    Nicely done, Wura.

    See, I typed your name and just realised how close to home this poem is. Lol…I’ll try not to cry.


  3. steppino45 says:

    “Perhaps if there was a heart beating, in this chest…”

    That line spoke to me. Sigh.

    Good poem. Again, no rhymes.


  4. Neo says:

    Lol. You’re becoming a really good bard Wura.



  5. Vunderkind says:

    Perhaps the child would say

    “And I forgive your mother,
    as I forgive you
    but my back might yet stoop tighter
    as I play the bi-maternal role
    rolled into one”

    I find that it’s the thought that counts most times. Just knowing that mother, or father for that matter, cared for you despite their inability to ‘express’ it is closure enough.

    You strummed my heart-strings, Wura. L*


  6. Despite the coulda woulda shoulda, she’s still Mother. I love the depth…so much sadness rolled into lines…


  7. onlyos says:

    Love the poem. You’re really attempting to convert me to a poetry fanatic. Good job. Btw the sadness, and depth, in the poem is beautiful. Good job.


  8. janusaneni says:

    First off, I notice from the comments (not just this post) how most of the readers here have learned alot more about poems from you, Wura. Which is awesome.

    I liked the playing with sensualism. Fave parts had to deal with ‘holding the head and tucking it between your warmness’..very moist.
    Anyway, I like how you told the ripple effect thing and reverse karma, “doing unto others what will make them do to others”, but like Tosin said, you could have done plenty more, really pushed it in, drawn out more instances, gone deeper..*sic*..
    Good one tho..


  9. sociable loner says:

    Sis you always want to get me all mushy and stuff… *sniffs. My mother would cry if she read this. A lovely piece though


  10. Pingback: Iyaniwura; Mother is gold | A.M Salisu

  11. Salisu says:

    Iyaniwura; Mother is gold…… She truely is.

    ( I wrote this after I read yours.. https://amsalisu.wordpress.com/2015/02/19/iyaniwura-mother-is-gold/ )


  12. d_laru says:

    What caught my attention was the title – it’s allusion to your name.

    Told you once how I like the effortlessness of your poetry.

    Good work


  13. Rebellious XIV says:

    I hope you read your poems out loud to yourself and feel how it tastes on your tongue. Because this tastes true.


  14. Alafia Dauda says:

    I’ve read this poem how many time since you sent it to me. Wow Wura. words of a god.


  15. Oh Lord! Nothing else I can say will justify the sheer brilliance of this


  16. cerebrallysaturated says:

    can I marry you?
    sad sad poem, there are tears in my eyes, though that’s partly because I’ve been scratching them.
    this is only the second poem you’ve written that I’ve read but I’m going to read everything.
    (1) I love how you make no effort to rhyme, I can learn from that
    (2) I love the story: a mother’s apology for her deficiencies. though it could be construed as an attempt to absolve herself of blame, it cannot be felt that way and what is life apart from feelings.
    (3) can I marry you😁


  17. LaoluRG says:

    Your effortless diction stopped surprising me since “For the love of Alake”
    ( http://www.artsandafrica.com/poetry/for-the-love-of-alake) ps. That’s your Magnus Opus Imo.
    When we’ll see your works in print in the abroad is all I’m waiting for.
    Godspeed Maverick


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